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Students in this college course learned how to screen print and used this technique to create time-based events and installations.

Project: Instacase

Incorporate printmaking and installation into a small portable space (suitcase).  The suitcase itself can be the art piece that incorporates printmaking and is used in performance, or the suitcase may simply be the vessel for the "prinstaformance" and hold items used to build or set up the installation outside suitcase after opening.

Suitcase as Movie Theatre
- student printed curtains and set up to open and reveal a movie playing within the suitcase.

Roller printing
- student carved the wheels of her roller skates and printed chains across drawings of politicians that come out of the suitcase.

Project: Prinstaformulation

Using the cumulative experience from this course (the smaller exercises involving screen printing and performance as well as the instacase assignment), students create a final large scale, non-portable installation that incorporated screen printing and performance. 

- student was inspired by the "Heat or Eat" dilemma of the economy.  Standing in a screen-printed kitchen, she attempts to make brownies.  Printed oven, curtains, tablecloth and wallpaper.

-student created a living space for herself as a bird. Feathers had images of herself and family members.

Etching suite, four prints, must relate in theme or concept. Each print at least 4" x 4"


Reductive cut linoblock, 12" x 12"

Shelby 2.jpeg

dry point, 5"x 7"


dry point, 5"x 7"


silk screen, 12" x 12"

silk screen 18" x 24"

silk-screen, 11"x14"

16 torso print.jpg

dry point, 5" x 7"

17 horse print.jpg

dry point, 5" x 7"

silk- screen 14" x 11"

silk-screen, 30" x 22"

Lino Block fabric repeats

calendar page, silk-screen, 24"x 12"

silk-screen 18" x 24"

silk-screen, 30" x 15"


silk-screen, 12" x 12"

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