Shopping Cart Shepherds


A traditional shepherd would spend all his time with his flock; his sole purpose was to keep them together and not let them stray, even for an instant. Moments where the flock was completely still were rare, as one or two were always sneaking off into the distance, ready to be rounded up again.




My book, ‘Shopping Cart Shepherds’ connects the agrarian and urban versions of 'shepherd.'  The book was printed on an offset printing press, with drawings and screen prints; text and images from my interviews and research from 2012 until 2016.




  • 1. a person who tends and rears sheep.




  • 1.  tend (sheep) as a shepherd.

    2.   guide or direct in a particular direction.

What is our contemporary

version of this profession?

- the shopping cart attendant at the grocery store. It is the cart attendant that thanklessly keeps the carts in line, retrieves and collects stragglers, and regroups their wheeled flock into a sturdy corral nestled in a concrete pasture. These attendants are shopping cart shepherds.

If you would like a copy of this book, contact me.

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