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The Living Room

'Domestic Affairs: Domesticity, Identity, and the Home'

 Newport Art Museum

 January 20, 2018 - May 20, 2018



I designed a space that would house most of my work at the time.  I wanted the space to be inviting to the viewer; a place they could relax and enjoy the work in a comfortable environment- so I made a living room.  The living room had a love seat facing a wall with videos and a fireplace; the fireplace had electric firelogs that glowed and crackled and there was a coffee table with whoopie pies for viewers to eat.  


At baseline, this was a place to watch my videos.  I enjoy making work that leads the viewer through the space if they feel inclined to spend more time with the artwork.  For a more in depth experience of the work, there was a special audio tour of the space available that takes viewers to hidden videos within the room.  





RISD Thesis Exhibit


 June 2009

View of videos
The Living Room
Audio Tour
Beautiful Birds
screen print
print detail: photogravure
hidden video
hidden video: waiting
tiny penis

Track 1

Audio Tour

Track 2

The audio tour was housed inside fake book boxes set up on the fireplace mantel.  The series of audio tracks led the viewer to hidden elements within the space.  

Track 3

Track 4

Videos     *all played on continuous loop *

             'Ag Dul Sios an Staighre'


Dressed in 1950s ballroom attire I make my way down staircase after staircase.  There is no beginning or end.  



Running the opposite direction on a merry go round I make my way through the current of carousel horses.



At a railroad crossing I wait for the train.

Behind the framed print 'Beautiful Birds, Delicious Desserts, Pigeons and Whoopi Pies' is a hidden video.  This is revealed during the audio tour, and the listener is guided to "open" the framed print.  

Hidden Video: 'Waiting'


Dressed in 1950s ballroom attire I stand next to fireplaces waiting for someone to enter the room.

The Wallpaper

Screen Printed Wallpaper

The design for the wallpaper behind the mantel was inspired by traditional toile patterns.  This is a three color blue toile that is traditional in its layout but contemporary in its imagery.  The biggest difference between a traditional toile and my toile is that there are no people.  Within the wallpaper design you will see:


- A foreclosed, boarded up house

- An abandoned carousel

- Doves turning into Piegons

- A 'Thank You' plastic bag stuck in a tree

- A forgotten railroad track

- A shopping cart in an empty parking lot



'GID' (Glass Installation Design) is a collaboration between Erin Buczynski and Kara Dunne.


A bed is set up inside a canopy of drapes. The mattress has been covered with thick glass bubbles and silicone textured hershey kiss like shapes are added. The bed is available for guests to stay on/in. There is a phone inside the canopy for the guest to order things off of the room service menu. The menu contains traditional snacks as well as other services like bubbles. Music will play upon entering.  The enclosed curtained path leading to the Chateau has a floor covered with bubble wrap.


Larry's Latrine

Larry's Latrine's was a GID installation and performance in 2005


Built within a gallery space


The entrance to the space was through this door-  A latrine door.


The audience moves through a long hallway with amorphous glass forms popping out of the walls.  They must move carefully through the hallway as to not touch the glass.



If they continue into the turn to the next hallway, the audience member will find the walls are stuffed and coated with goo.  If they decide to get dirty, they get to see the rest of the installation.  

At the end of the second hallway is a room covered with bright flowery fabric.  There is a table with cookies and tea and lots of stuffed animals.  It is a tea party, ready for the guest to enter.  I invite the audience member to sit down whiel I serve them tea. I place a bib on them and offer them cookies.  Some of the cookies have been glued to the plate.  Others are free to eat.  

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