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How I have been feeling  after the past ten years.  (eek! That long?!)

What is a printmaker's purpose in the world and does that purpose differ from that of a painter or sculptor? 

I believe the answer lies within the analogy: 

If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around- does it make a sound? 

To me, a painting or sculpture left inside the artist’s house or inside someone else’s house makes little to no sound.

Prints represent multiple falling trees in different forests, with more of a potential of having someone “hear” them.   That is the major difference.

Otherwise, what is the point of creating the multiple? 

Do we as printmakers make more than one just to keep them all to ourselves?  No! 

We want them to go somewhere.  We want them to make a sound!

Otherwise, they remain silent piles in a hoarder’s studio.

I make prints now with the intention that they go somewhere and make some noise.

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