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'Claiming Territory', 2017

11" x 20"

edition of 7

In each edition there are 37 sheets of paper.

Each piece of paper is one frame in the animation.

Baubo, a mythical character representing the female phallus, climbs to the top of the monument to claim her rightful territory.

The    Alternative    Hustle

Screen Printed Book

11" x 14"



'The Alternative Hustle' explores how dance steps can be used to map out an event.  I bought a disco dance instructional book at a garage sale one summer (which included a record for listening) and became obsessed with how the dance steps looked on the page.   I wanted to know what happened INBETWEEN each prescribed dance step.  If this mapping was truly realistic it would also include the other steps the couple would take during the dance (for example if they had to walk over to the punch bowl to get a drink).  I mapped out some potential dance floor scenarios using the basic steps of disco.


'More Impermanent    Than Sand'

innovative wall paper, hand made wall paper, contemporay wall paper

Two children are building a sandcastle.  Part of the sand dune behind them transforms into a wave, and the wave gets bigger as comes closer and closer.  Eventually it reaches  the children and crashes down on them.   As the water recedes you can see that the children are actually made of sand.  They wash away and the sand castle remains.

first panel
wall paper animation, innovative animation, interesting wall paper, hand printed wall paper

toile wallpaper  designed and printed after the devastating tsunami that hit Japan in 2011

*  Three panels total length 24', height, 8'


At the bottom half of the second and third panel there is a special animation that occurs as your eye travels across the wallpaper.  

 To see wallpaper ANIMATION

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